Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your organic sugarbush located?

Located just 5 miles away in Jeffersonville. We’ve owned this sugarbush for 25 years.


How many taps do you have?



What trees do you tap?

Sugar and Red Maples, although you can tap Birch and Beech trees as well. But nothing compares in taste than the Maple Tree!


What do you sell?

We sell Organic Classic Maple Syrup, 8 different Infused Maple Syrups, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, and on occasion merchandise. Additionally, we sell some of our syrup in bulk.


When did you start your business?

2016. However, we didn't have our own sugarhouse until 2019. 


Do you sugar full time?

Nope. We have day jobs which require most of our attention, until sugaring season starts which then we are all hands on deck. This is why it's a team effort to provide you product.


How many gallons of sap does it take to make maple syrup?

That depends on the sugar content of the sap. Not all sap has the same sugar. At 2% sugar, its requires 43 gallons of sap. A standard bathtub holds 42 gallons of water, so as you can imagine, 43 gallons of sap is a lot for one gallon of maple syrup!...Worth itttttt


What is sap?

Maple tree sap is a liquid typically made up of 98% water and 2% sugar. Sap can only be collected during specific temperature conditions. Above freezing during the day, and freezing at night and no leaves on the trees.


What temperature must sap be boiled to get maple syrup?

Approximately, 219F. Depends on the elevation and barometric pressure.


What is the sugar content of Maple Syrup?



Are there any nutritional benefits to maple syrup?

Yup! Not enough space here to describe it all but pure maple syrup has vitamins and minerals. Just one 30ml serving of maple syrup supplies you 35% DV of Manganese and 15% DV of Riboflavin. Also, maple syrup has a glycemic index of 54, which is lower than both table sugar and honey.


What is an RO?

An RO is a Reverse Osmosis machine that removes water from the sap to increase it’s sugar content prior to being boiled. This reduces the amount of time it takes to boil the sap and energy costs, which in our case the amount of wood we burn. In a successful RO event, the sap will have 15% sugar instead of 2% or less.


What is a Wyckoff Family Maple infused maple syrup?

We use maple syrup to extract flavor from different ingredients, such as vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks, ginger, coffee beans, and bourbon barrels. Then the physical ingredients are then removed, which leave us with flavored maple syrup. It's very similar to steeping tea.


What are the different grades of Maple Syrup? 

Golden Color, Delicate Taste - Light color and subtle maple flavor

Amber Color, Rich Taste - Characteristic maple flavor, most popular for pancakes and waffles.

Dark Color, Robust Taste - Hearty maple flavor, great for cooking and cocktails.

Very Dark Color, Strong Taste - Very strong maple flavor, great for baking or barbeque sauce.


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